Next Practice

Tuesday, August 15 
7:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Dry Creek Park Disc Golf 
Grassy Bowl Area
(next to the parking lot and restrooms)
1550 Nuttall Drive, Lehi Utah

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Hello Flag Football Team! You're receiving this because your child is registered for our roster, Team #409, Forest Green. I'm Coach Danny Jessop, Max's dad, and our Assistant Coach is McKay Jessop, Max's brother.

Please check out the deets below so you can be aware of what we've got planned this season. We're looking to help these kids have fun while developing their skills. Winning will not be the focus, rather it will simply be a by-product and/or a side benefit of having fun and working together for a common goal.

#1 Games: All Games are Played at Vet's Park. Games are mostly held on Saturday's with the exception of Labor Day weekend, the game will be on Thursday of that week. All games and schedules are found on: and our Team is located under 3rd/4th Grade Division 2, #409 Forest Green.

Our first game is on Saturday, August 19, at Vets Baseball Park on Field #3.

Stay up to date with games, schedules, etc., by subscribing to their calendar. It's nice because any updates that they make, you'll receive automatically. You can subscribe to the calendar that already has our dates and times in your Calendar. Click this link, select Team 409, click download for the instructions on adding it to your Google Calendar or iPhone.

#2 Practices: We will plan on practicing on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, - 7:45 pm. Our first practice will be next Tuesday, August 15, at 7:00 pm. That is when I have availability and hopefully most of the team will as well. :-) We will meet in the grassy bowl at Dry Creek Disc Golf Park located at 1550 North Nuttall Drive, Lehi. Practice will be 45 minutes max. If practice cannot be held that week, we will meet 30 minutes prior to the game at the assigned field to practice as an alternative.

#3 Team Communication: We will plan on using GroupMe as the main form of Team Communication. This will also allow parents to share photos and be kept up to date on practice or game updates. If you have anyone you'd like me to add to the group, please text me their number. My phone number is 801.879.1101

#4 Uniforms: The Legacy Center only gives out the exact same size uniforms to every single flag football team. We will issue uniforms at practice arranging the players from tall to not as tall and go from there. They said that's the best way to go about it. :-)

#5 Help Coaching: As we all have lives with schedules and commitments, there will be times that I or our assistant coach won't be able to make it. At this point, I'm sure that each of you know just as much about flag football coaching as I do. LOL So if we could all be there for one another as potential coaches, it will be greatly appreciated in an effort for our kids to have a lot of fun, make some new friends, learn some skills, and make some memories.

#6 Snacks: Are we interested in setting up a player/parent snack rotation? No worries if not, I wanted to put it out there if you are.

#7 Rules: So you all can know what I know and can discuss with your child if/when it comes up, feel free to check them all out attached to this email.

Please let me know of any questions this may generate, happy to talk through them.*Map%20of%20Veterans%20Ballpark%20Lehi*png?alt=media&token=0c8ec8c2-75d8-479f-b232-75ff875ee268