Congratulations and Thank You!

We can't hardly wait to find out more about YOU and SideGigger life. 
Please select a time below to be interviewed for the SideGiggers Podcast here.

Quick Rundown for Expectations:

 - Plan on a total of up to 30 minutes for the Podcast experience
 - Be punctual and on time
 - Be camera ready - We'll record the podcast on Zoom for video and audio, then will leverage all or snippets of it via audio or video for the socials and where podcasts are found. 
 - Actual Podcast Recording Time Goal: 15 Minutes or Less
What we'll talk about in 15 Minutes or Less (so prepare to be brief):

 - You and brief background of yourself - interests, location you live or are from, etc. 
 - What your side gig is
 - How you started your side gig
 - How you serve the needs of your customers
 - How can our audience connect with you (LinkedIn, Website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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